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Tidal Sports Therapy

I was a competitive athlete growing up, participating in badminton as a collegiate athlete, triathlons, hockey, and volleyball. I attribute my background in competitive athletics for leading me to my passion of working with people and injuries. My passion allows me to be fully immersed in the athletic culture from a social community setting to a national level setting. I feel that the sky is the limit and my ambition to be a great clinician is constantly fueled with new courses and experiences to explore and grow. 

Having worked in a Crossfit community before, I discovered that it was a great pairing with my sport specific knowledge, and my understanding of how the body moves and functions. The competitive environment that the daily WOD generates is so inclusive to members that I find the positivity and energy contagious. 

I grew up in Alberta where I fell in love with mountain biking, camping and skiing. On my days off you can find me outside with my dog Henry getting up to some awesome adventures. After all, motion is lotion!

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