Corey Henry – PR Assistant

PR Assistant

I am a long time local of Brockville. I spent most of my life here
except for a brief, five-year stint in Whistler, BC in my early to
mid-twenties…(enough said). When I moved back to Brockville from out
west, I figured it was about time I get my shit together, so I joined
the local “Y” After I fully committed myself to two weeks on the
elliptical (incline #3) I figured I would take 6 months off and rest
up. Although I have been active my whole life going to the gym has
always been a struggle. I would go off and on again, usually paying a
year membership and only using it a handful of times. That is of
course until I found CrossFit. I have been going to CrossFit BECC for
a little more than a year and a half and have been consistently going
back every week. It is the perfect combination of community, mixed
with personal achievement and challenge to keep me coming back for

I am by no means a CrossFit coach…on a good day, my snatch looks
like an 80’s dance move…but I do feel connected to the gym. I have
started two business that has taught me quite a bit about marketing
and developing a presence on social media and I am pretty good with my
iPhone 6 camera. I am the guy responsible for coming up to you to take
your photo after a 30-minute all-out WOD, sweat dripping down your
face, chalk in your hair, hands torn and looking to the sky for
forgiveness. I hope to capture and share these moments with the rest
world so they know what they are missing out on!