Amanda Claus – CrossFit Coach

CF-L1 Trainer Certificate


I’d love to say I’ve had a lifelong love of sports and fitness, but aside from dabbling in recreational sports as a kid I really haven’t. I did the obligatory fitness training and running(shudder) that comes with a career in the CAF, but never anything on my own.
In 2013, I found myself posted to Ottawa, and needing to find a community outside of my workplace. A friend(who did all the fitness things) recommended I give Crossfit a shot, and 3 on ramp classes later, I was hooked. While life has been known to get in the way and shake things up a bit, Crossfit has always been the activity I’ve been drawn back to consistently. I’m just proof that you CAN in fact start to improve your fitness well into your 20’s, it’s never too late.
I’m super grateful to have been given the opportunity to coach this wonderful community. My favourite part is the look of pride on people’s faces when they do things they thought they couldn’t.